Meerkad is a solution composed of an electronic device and software, whose objective is the acquisition of data in real time through IoT for the monitoring and management of information. The system has application in wide sectors such as the environment (meteorology, hydrology), energy, industrial and agriculture.


The device consists of a motherboard for data processing and multiple interface cards for the connection of analog or digital sensors depending on the sector where it is to be applied. It can adopt Satellite, GSM, Wirelees or Ethernet connectivity systems for data transmission, uses IoT technology and allows interaction with the device to carry out actions that can range from sending an email alert, according to the thresholds defined by the user, to the automation of events in response to the behavior of a variable such as activating a crop irrigation system, alarms in an early warning system or the start of an electric generator, among others.

The software for its part has the ability to parameterize analog or digital sensors and through formulation establish the calculation or interpretation of the data and the definition of the thresholds for the generation of alarms or actions. It has a web interface and a mobile app.